Amplify Your Drive with the Maxhaust Active Sound System | MS-RT
An image showing the main components included in the MS-RT Maxhaust kit.

Amplify Your Drive with the Maxhaust Active Sound System

Picture this: You're cruising down the road, windows down, the unmistakable engine roar fills your ears. It's the kind of sound that brings a surge of adrenaline and triggers fond memories. At MS-RT, we're passionate about capturing that feeling and infusing it into every drive.


Rising to the occasion is the MS-RT Maxhaust Active Sound System. It draws from actual engine sound recordings from the best performance cars out there, giving an epic, aggressive signature sound in real time. And with countless settings, you can match your mood and project it through its two powerful external speakers.


This custom van accessory is an easy bit of kit to handle, too. It links up to your phone via Bluetooth and offers full control through an intuitive app. With 50 unique sounds at your disposal, you can switch between saved presets. And for those who prefer a hands-on approach, direct control through the vehicle buttons is also an option. Either way, you decide your sound.


Pick from a host of superb exhaust noises that match exactly your engine load, throttle position and speed - all at the tap of a screen. And it’s not just about the variety; you can also fine-tune your engine sound, just as you would on a home stereo. It’s details like these that enhance every single acceleration. 


Streamlined, durable design always takes the lead. That’s why the Ford Transit Custom MS-RT specific mounting bracket is made from high-grade steel, with simplicity in mind. Everything is included in the kit, and fitting the system is doable for anyone with manual skills. 


If you want that rally-inspired sound, every day, you’ve found it. The Maxhaust Active Sound System isn’t just one of your average sports van upgrades. It’s a way to transform your Ford Transit Custom MS-RT into a rolling symphony of power and performance.


[MS-RT Maxhaust Active Sound System fits both Transit Custom MS-RT and Ranger MS-RT models 2018 – 2023]