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MS-RT Custom Transit on country road

Custom sports vans – why every finish is just the start

The van you drive doesn’t just affect how you work – it reflects on you and your business. So, doesn’t it make sense to get one that’s a real jaw-dropper? A van that’s more than practical and looks so good you’ll want to stay behind the wheel 24/7?

Race-bred sports styling

That’s where a Ford Transit Custom MS-RT van comes into its own. 

Embodying the passion, skill and determination of the racing world, each sporty, custom-styled MS-RT is designed in collaboration with iconic rally legend Malcolm Wilson, founder of the hugely successful M-Sport company.

While the Transit van has been the ‘backbone of Britain’ for decades, it doesn’t have to look like a workhorse. With the kind of custom sports styling available from MS-RT, you can make your Ford Transit Custom van an all-out sports vehicle. And that doesn’t just give you style on the road – it gives you plenty of options.

MS-RT Custom Transit side-on with tents and bikes

Load space to put you in a good headspace

With a custom sports-styled Transit Custom van, packing up for the day doesn’t mean parking up for the night. 

A Ford Transit Custom that almost begs you to get out there and make the most of any downtime. When you’ve got the load space of a Ford Transit, you can do loads more – loads easier. 

Want to pop a surfboard in the back? Easy. Got a family of mountain bikes? No problem. It’ll take all your bikes and all the extra gear you can throw at it. And that means you’re free to get out, relax and recharge whenever you want. And in today’s world, that really is priceless. 

MS-RT Custom Transit with mountain bikes inside

Show you’ve arrived

So, as you can see, a sport-styled Ford Transit Custom MS-RT is more than just a work tool – it’s ready to fit in and stand out anywhere. Why make do with the ordinary – when you can drive the extraordinary – and show that you’ve arrived.