Ford Transit OZ Wheels - The Making of MS-RT Transit Custom OZ Wheels

OZ Alloys: The Making Of

Available in a range of colours and sizes the OZ racing alloy wheels are perhaps the most iconic feature of any MS-RT vehicle. The specialist craftsmanship involved provides quality that you can rely on. MS-RT’s vehicles are designed to stand out on the road, with one of their most iconic vehicles; the sport style Transit Custom MS-RT trail blazing the transit scene alongside the custom Ford Ranger MS-RT and Ford Transit Connect MS-RT products.

Five ingredients to create an OZ alloy

Raw materials:

Our OZ alloys are produced using raw materials; like those used in the aerospace and transportation industry.

The motorsport heritage of OZ provides efficiency whilst the manufacturing knowledge provides the highest quality. Aluminium alloy is exceptional for its low density and ability to resist corrosion which makes it the perfect choice for your MS-RT vehicle where this resistance is required.

Machining & heat treatments:

The wheel is produced by setting the blank face of the wheel on a CNC (computer numerical control).  The unique design of the wheel face is then produced using a multi axial lathe.

A heat treatment is applied to reinforce the strength and integrity of the alloy ensuring nothing is left compromised during the steel work process.

The heat treatment is completed through two final steps.

Firstly, structural tempering takes place to stabilise molecular pressure. Lastly, artificial aging takes place using a T6 type treatment. This type of aging completes the cycle providing a durable product ready for structural use.


The casting process ensures a hard-wearing professionally finished product. The alloy endures low pressure casting at about 700 degrees. The wheel is heated, cast and low pressure inject from the bottom of the mould to the top.  This process provides a professional high-finished product that promotes excellence.

High Light Technology:

This manufacturing technology is used to help enhance the lightweight quality of the wheel. This promotes even higher performance driving whilst supplying a structural integrity that is so important for a motor sport vehicle.

The innovation of this process has seen OZ supply to F1 allowing a deep understanding of motor sport, performance driving and what that entails. This exclusive process places OZ at the pinnacle of motor sport manufacturing.


 A special electrochemical treatment obtains the professional finish that you’re looking for.

OZ wheels are adonized with a treatment that does not cause weight increase but instead contributes to the prevention of corrosion. It enhances the wheels shape and mechanical workmanship that sets your vehicle apart on the road.

To maintain a high-finish, four layers of powder are applied as well as a liquid metallic paint and clear liquid coating to finish that leaves you with a durable product that enhances the driving experience both inside and out.