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A gear change for the MS-RT design process

As a brand that is design-led and always pushing convention with what’s possible in a commercial vehicle, here at MS-RT we continually taking inspiration from the latest and greatest in design and tech.

That’s why we’re very grateful to have benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government’s £63.4m SMARTCymru programme, in a collaborative project to bring in a rapid prototyping capability to the MS-RT design process. Backed by £27m of EU funds, SMARTCymru is helping businesses in Wales develop new products, processes and services by supporting increased investment in research, and innovation.

The rapid prototype capability, using 3D printing, has enabled us to significantly improve our ability to design new components for our vehicles - meaning quick and effective prototyping of parts for physical review and validation before we launch into production. Improving our design and engineering capability in this way ensures we continue to push our vehicles to be the best they can be, so when you choose an MS-RT, everyone will know you’ve arrived.

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