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  1. The conversion parts that comprise the Ford MS-RT conversion which would normally be covered by a Ford base warranty are covered by a Warranty from MS-RT for the Warranty Period.
  2. Warranty Periods:
Model Base Vehicle Warranty Notes
  Years Km/Miles  
Ranger 3 100,000 Km/60,000 mi Distance limit applies after Year 1
Custom 3 160,000 km /100,000mi Distance limit applies after Year 1
Connect 3 160,000 km /100,000mi Distance limit applies after Year 1

Any other Ford models that include an MS-RT conversion from time to time will be subject to the relevant Ford Base Vehicle warranty time periods

  1. MR-RT warrants those items produced and installed by it. Defects in the standard vehicle are covered by the Ford manufacturer’s base warranty for the Vehicle.
  2. For the Warranty Period MS-RT undertakes to repair or, if deemed necessary by MS-RT, replace any MS-RT defective parts subject to the conditions set out in this Warranty.
  3. The Warranty starts on the date of registration of the vehicle with the relevant registration authority in the original country of sale.
  4. Supplying dealers are not agents of MS-RT and cannot therefore bind the Company to any agreement for warranty work to be undertaken without the prior written authority from MS-RT.
  5. The warranty cover is provided subject to the terms of the Ford manufacturer’s base warranty for the Vehicle including completion of regular servicing and inspection by an authorised Ford dealer. All warranty issues must be reported in the first instance to the supplying dealer.


  1. This Warranty covers faults in MS-RT parts arising from manufacturing defects with the exception of:a) Those items covered by the Ford Manufacturer’s warranty;
    b) Any items exhibiting the effects of normal wear and tear;
    c) Damage and defects that have arisen due to accident, misuse, negligence or neglect;
    d) tyres, replacement tyres, bulbs, light emitting diodes and fuses.



  1. This Warranty does not cover:a) Normal wear and tear;
    b) Damage caused by neglect, flooding, accident, rallying, racing or any other improper use;
    c) Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Ford maintenance schedules and
    service instructions;
    d) Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning in accordance with Ford instructions
  2. e) Unauthorised modifications or enhancements of the vehicle or its components;
    f) Failure to rectify on a timely basis any paint or corrosion damage identified during a Ford body and paint check
  3. g) Factors beyond Ford and MS-RT’s control such as airborne contamination, storm
    damage, stone chips, scratches and the use of unsuitable cleaning agents;
    h) Repairs using methods that have not been approved by Ford or MS-RT;
  4. i) Any supplier parts or accessories which are covered by a direct warranty from the relevant supplier;
    j) Any incidental or consequential damage incurred as a result of a defect covered by this warranty or a Ford warranty including but not limited to inconvenience, cost of transportation, telephone calls, accommodation costs, replacement vehicle, loss of income and damage to property.

This Warranty will be cancelled on any vehicle declared as a total loss by an insurance company or equivalent institution.



10   The end user customer is required to notify the supplying dealer of any defects with MS-RT parts upon discovering any defect that may be considered subject to warranty. The supplying dealer must be notified by the end user customer within 28 calendar days of discovering any defect so that the warranty claim can be actioned. The end user customer is required to provide to the supplying dealer a copy of the warranty confirmation.

  1. Warranty claims made after the Warranty Period will be rejected.
  2. The supplying dealer will notify MS-RT of any warranty claim and MS-RT will investigate the circumstances of the claim and will confirm within 7 working days whether the warranty claim is accepted.
  3. If the warranty claim is not accepted MS-RT will advise the supplying dealer accordingly.
  4. If the warranty claim is accepted, MS-RT will carry out any repair or replacement works in relation to relevant parts subject to warranty within a reasonable time and provide the relevant repaired or replacement parts to the supplying dealer for collection by the customer.



11           If the vehicle is sold before the end of the original warranty the benefit of the remaining warranty period is transferred to the new owner.

12           This warranty does not affect any rights governing the sale of consumer goods in the UK.